Monday, April 30, 2007

ytd i didn't even gt e chance 2 blog.. sumore theres nt quite alot of tings 2 express.. n nw i'm reali fcuked up wif e hp connection 2 e comp.. asshole btol! grr!! alrite 2dae is another boring dae.. had my elective lesson n everi1 was lik zh.. ch.. sh.. bt we pronounce it lik e same ting n e lecturer cn sae tts beta.. frm our grp del kene 2 pronounce it usin e mic.. den we disturb2 him.. mentang2 la die da kene, nk kacau org la.. he treaten 2 ask e lecturer 2 approach mi 2 sae it in e mic.. lucky die tk uat tol2.. den e most excited person among us is wandi.. hes voice is lik e loudest among us.. fadillah n mi munchin on choco b4 e lecture.. e whole dae i was lik tinkin bout choco.. ouh yes! nari byk cuci mata.. =P saw him again 2dae twice.. n e others la.. i tink i'm gona enjoy my daes here.. bt e stress part is e modules!! insya-Allah, wif HIS guidance i'm able 2 overcum all e obstacles.. Amin.. ok there.. =P


Saturday, April 28, 2007

2dae is quite boring.. slack at home pas 2 kene tlg 1 minah ni yg aru nk start uat blog! punya swei.. die lupe username die den kene start uat e blog ALL over again.. grr!! nie aru ckp minah nyanyuk.. ok atiqa.. nw u understand wads e true meanin of it? yg sakit hati nye.. die tk nk start ngan postin dulu bt e template.. so we hav e redo all of e tamplate.. tts wad we kal gundo.. *bluek* ok la die nk continue ngan blog die nie.. buzzzzing ard... n ya.. 2dae i'm supposed 2 attend my archery ori.. bt overslp.. lucky bizhen attended it.. fuh! alrite.. signing off..


Friday, April 27, 2007

ok 2dae is reali damn long.. longer den ytd! 9am till 6pm.. bt our klas ended 4.45pm lik tt.. den g bugis tunggu minah ni.. lembab giler nye!! 630pm aru pai!! i was damn mad mcm nk kecik2 smpi kogol... 2 much anger tt i feel lik cryin coz i jz cnt let it out.. grrr!! nasib die blanja mkn la.. sedap sikit.. bt still!!! nari e lab was fun.. byk ketawa.. everi1 was havin fun.. tirin out e liftin technique.. it was cool!! ok la my sis da bising ni.. buzzzz.... ok hav fun watch e pics!! weee.. =P

let mi kill u!!!

mcm paham jek..

future nurse! =P

syg wif 'tt' face..

wif jq b4 tutorial

spiderman n superman!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

haloha! 2dae is damn tirin!! my lesson started at 8 n ended at 4.. kinda whole dae in sch.. 2dae i pampered myself by buyin a pair of black shoe.. mengidam da lame tapi tk beli2.. nari rase mcm stress gitu.. my neck is damn pain n everitink seems nt rite.. receive that surat nari.. hopin 4 dis bt get another.. jz my plain luck.. i tink hes also attached at e same place.. mabe da jodoh.. coz i still rmbr he saein tt place.. well.. we'll c.. deep down my heart theres fear in mi.. i'm jz nt sure i'm goin 2 lead my life.. e prob i'm goin 2 faced seems bigger den mi or even more den i cn handle.. mudah2an ALLAH beri aku jln yg sebenar2 nye n dilindungiNYA dari segala bencana.. amin.. ok guys heres a couple of picture tt i tooked 2dae.. enjoy!! =P

our bookin place is at e far back 4 dis module.. paham2 jek la..

she looks attentive durin lecture bt when i asked her.. she jz smile n sae 'tah'..

wad else cn a woman do? playin hp, dreamin n doin hair..

i've warn u syg dun make mi mad!!

budak2 biol..

after the 'T' 'D' 'R' 'S' lesson..

the 1st person i tok 2 durin ori..

nobodi cn imitate the 'hot mama' style

after minutes of boredom durin the critically lecture

the oly 4 mly gurls in N0713

I’m critically thinking why this critical thinking lecture was critically boring

there will alwaes b heros in N0713..


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ok i duno y i started 2 blog again.. bt i jz feel lik doin it.. life has been gd bt damn stress so far.. jz e 1st wk in sch i receive 3 sets of project.. damn! e worst tingy ever i took mandrin 4 my elective.. mcm nk giler.. soon i will b 1 of e patients of imh.. nw im tryin 2 adapt in poly life.. sec sch dulu smua being pampered.. such as cikgu masuk klas.. ok gtg.. jz receive a msg tt there will b klas 2dae.. catch up wif ya soon.. =P

wana ride?

during our project discussion..

during lecture..

while e rest r bz discussing

pure candid as usual by germaine..

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