Saturday, September 22, 2007

a glimpse of mi in uniform


Friday, September 14, 2007

1 dae b4 fasting month begin.. we went out 2 vivo city.. it was gr8.. jumi accompany mi 2 postbank.. we walk ard bt found none so jumi asked dis securiti 'abg' n he told us tt there was none at vivo.. lucky jumi rmbr theres 1 n we went up 2 ask e information counter.. nmpk nah dier tk tau!
well.. theres alwaes an extra person..

my boyfriend.. =)

excited on barney..

Escalator rides..

my japanese food..

makan besar!

in MRT n it was packed..
sempat menyempat..



cow's "milk"


main air..

si biols

a dae at vivo city..


otw hm..


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

on e 9 sept 07 my klas hav mini bbq.. it was quite fun bt chaotic.. bt at least everiting wen on quite smoothli.. we went 2 fad hse 2 cooked spaghetti.. =)

at e beach..
well.. there was no cup..
so rohini n grace went 2 buy n we r so thirsty..
bt it was fun! =P
e bbq..

by e beach..

theres alwaes a kid in mi.. =D

at fad hse.. yati, bia n mi wid fad's mom..

mi cooking.. =)

rajin anak mak..


while they were bbq..



startin e fire..

e foods..

syg preparin it..


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

on 31th aug went back 2 tpss.. e performance was boring.. after meetin sum of e teachers.. we headed 2 seoul garden.. den plan nye plan end up we all decided 2 go 2 fort cannin.. it was fun.. =P

our ride

battle box

5N2 2006
luv u guys!

part of e 10 besties

n yes my beloved cacat

well i was nt readi!!

despite of our height diff..
we hav 1 ting in common..
ride a bike.. =)
sally port

level 4 crappys 2006

tt ting was heavy!

buai laju-laju..
sampai hujung..
bla bla bla..

yes i was v. tall.. =P
terbalik 2 maut seh..

seoul garden

sec 5N 2006 batch 16


Saturday, September 01, 2007

I was left alone



LiL Orange


Dysfunctional Family

Diyanah Cuzin

Nadhirah GPS

Syamimi TPSS

Zahilah TPSS

Fadzillah NYP

Germaine NYP

Hayati NYP

Rabiah NYP

Roshini NYP

Sakura NYP

Samantha NYP


The Mentalist
Nur Kasih
Grey's Anatomy
White Collar
Korean Drama


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