Wednesday, January 30, 2008

okies.. since last week my groupmates hav planned 2 wear black todae. tank god everione was sportin enuf 2 wear it. n yes! everione wore it. erm.. hmm.. wore green wid gang..
sekelumpok berhitam..
sekelumpok berhijau..
well i will update e pic wid my groupmates soon since i hav nt receive it yet.
well.. heres r sum of 6 anakdara's pics..

My Crappy Partners

e weather was veri warm.

( back) Fad Bia Pah Yati
(front) Zawani LiL

NR0713 Malay Girls


Monday, January 28, 2008

as bLUe as


Saturday, January 26, 2008

ytd after sch i wen 2 hougang wid biah. she bought herself a waterbottle. den i meet wid mimi n wani at tamp. we slack at small mac n tokin bout alot of things. after tt mimi meet up wid her mom, wani went hm n i met my sis n we watched 27 dresses. James Marsden was v. sweet n super cute. e movie was nice n romantic.

Katherine Heigl

main leads in 27 dresses

James Marsden

he is just gorgeous.. =P


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alhamdulilah for everything...

And yes...




Saturday, January 12, 2008

ytd after lect we went 2 resource room for our upcuming pract test. after that we went 2 bookshop 2 photocopy rabiah's notes den headed hm. den yati ask mi y nt i go hm wid del since hes otw 2 tamp 2 meet his fwen. manage 2 kal him n he sent mi hm. i hav a 'mini driving' lesson wid him. =D
i noe atiqa gona kill mi wid dis pic..
shes bz tokin n im eatin..
fad n mi durin e boring lect..
2 bored so we snap a pic..
del drivin..

otw 2 tamp...


del n mi..

look theres a bike there..
i ask del 2 take his time while i snap a pic..
den he asked "done?"
wen i sae "ya"
he speed up n sae "crazy gurl"

on e road..

in his car..


n again..


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

mungkin dia bukan untuk ku miliki sekadar untuk tatapan ku


Sunday, January 06, 2008

I need someone...
Willing to been through shit with me
Understand me the most when no one did
Believe in me when the world don't
Who reminds me when i forget
Prom me when i'm wrong
Cheer me up when im down
Lent his shoulders for me to cry on
Give a helping hands when things went wrong
Be the sun of my darkness
Be the rainbow of my unhappiness

tidak akan selamanya derita kerana ia bukan neraka
tidak akan selamanya nikmat kerana ia bukan syurga
adanya derita dan nikmat kerana ia hanyalah dunia



LiL Orange


Dysfunctional Family

Diyanah Cuzin

Nadhirah GPS

Syamimi TPSS

Zahilah TPSS

Fadzillah NYP

Germaine NYP

Hayati NYP

Rabiah NYP

Roshini NYP

Sakura NYP

Samantha NYP


The Mentalist
Nur Kasih
Grey's Anatomy
White Collar
Korean Drama


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