Thursday, June 14, 2007

ytd i went 2 watch movie wif my sis. we watched ocean's 13.. quite nice.. nw brad pitt drinks more den munchin.. matt damon was cute.. =P jz nw i went 2 sch 4 my project n mike's lesson. unfortunateli there was no mike lesson. yati miss understood roshini sms. so bia, yati n fad cum there 4 nth. kesian. den i stay there 2 complete my mandrin project b4 proceed 4 aljunied lib 2 read books. after tt i went 2 somerset 4 my appointment. i make my wae 2 tamp 2 meet yana. while waitin i went back 2 metro. they hav packed alot of stuff. i tok 2 eden n i reali miss tokin 2 her n gossipin.. den i went 2 KFC 2 fullfil my desire. i reali wana eat e new stuff tingy duno wad e name. well picture says a thousands words.. =)

beloved crap partner.. hehe..

well durin my time there was no dis stuff..

try it try!



my son.. ceh!

new model of rabbit..

yana so sori ur pic was out.. hehhe.. ok la 2 baby 2 da mcm ko jugak..

so hw does dis werks??

a'ah spin e rite wheel n press e left button..

beach ball!

minah payung.. =P

rain rain go away..



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