Saturday, July 21, 2007

2dae is Racial Harmony dae n ytd.. some of my fwens r being sportin enuf to wear traditional mly costumes.. it was fun plus scary.. e scary part is tt ytd was my clinical pract test n my healthcare ica.. n we duno tt our ica was kinda out of topic n our teacher point in a smooth wae.. bt we r too blur 2 catch it n make e matter worst by argue it wid her.. ok la it was a stupid tingy 2 do bt its over.. den my clinical pract test.. Alhandulliah passed.. =P

those hu wore e traditional costumes.. sweet kn? =)

after my clinical pract test..

sam spoit e pic! humph!

e gurl hu luv 2 use her procerus muscle..

us 4..

princess of e dae..

mucks 2 her 4 helpin mi out in my pract test..

i myself nt sure wen dis was taken..

hmm... wads so funny?

e ones hu rock my life in NYP.. tanks guys! =)



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